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3 News Stories That Every Parent Should Pay Attention To

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If you are like many busy adults today, you may find it difficult to find time to watch the local news on a daily basis, read the local newspaper, and/or read news-based websites. However, if you are a parent, you should make it a habit to read about local news on a regular basis because many news stories focus on important facts that parents need to know. 

Read on to learn about just a few of the news stories that all parents should pay attention to because they often provide important information that helps keep children safe and healthy. 

1. Product Recalls 

Many local news stations and websites make sure to inform the general public of the latest product recalls.

Some of these product recalls involve food products recently sold in the local area that may be contaminated with bacteria, such as listeria and e.coli that could lead to foodborne illness if your child were to eat them. Other product recalls involve products designed for use by babies and children, such as baby carriers and children's toys, that have been deemed unsafe due to design defects that have led to babies and children being injured while using or playing with them. 

Typically, when a product is under recall, you can return it to the original manufacturer or store you where you purchased it for a full refund, even if you have owned the item for an extended period of time. 

2. Affordable Child-Friendly Local Events 

If you are a parent on a budget, you may find that you run out of affordable ways to entertain your child. While you may have some local attractions that your child loves, these attractions may be relatively expensive endeavours that you can only visit on occasion due to budget constraints. 

Local news stations and websites typically alert parents to affordable, child-friendly events taking place in the local area. For example, once you start paying attention to the local news more often, you can find out when nearby cities are hosting low-cost local carnivals and county fairs, free outdoor music events, and holiday-themed activities, such as Easter egg hunts and free photos with Santa. 

3. Pandemic News 

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has been affecting the nation for quite some time now, it is important for parents to stay informed of pandemic news. Pandemic news stories often alert locals of new COVID-19 outbreaks and how to protect their families from them, new and continuing state ordinances and when these ordinances change, and new facts about the virus and its variants. 

When you keep an eye on pandemic news, you can also continuously learn tips on how to keep your family, including your children, healthy and COVID-19-free. 

If you are a parent, then you should monitor the local news for these three news story types to help you keep your children safe and healthy. Check out a local news service, like Prince Albert Daily Herald, to stay updated.