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Hire A Handyman To Install Your New Vinyl Flooring

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If you're getting new flooring and you want to save some money on the installation, consider hiring a handyman to put your new floor in. You might choose vinyl planks, tiles, or sheet vinyl since these don't often require skilled professionals. But installing them might be more than you can do yourself. Here's a look at hiring a handyman to install flooring in your home.

Ask If They Can Do Flooring Work

Consider all that's involved in putting in your new floor. The old flooring might have to come up, and the subfloor might need some repairs. The old flooring materials may need to be hauled away to the dump if your area doesn't have a pickup service for oversized trash.

Installing vinyl floors involves cutting the vinyl to size and adhering it to the ground, according to the instructions. You might also need the handyman to pick the flooring up from the store, especially if you're buying a large roll of sheet vinyl.

Other work might be needed that requires skills such as removing doors and floor trim. If the new vinyl floor is going over the old flooring, the doors might need to have a small amount shaved off the bottom so they open and close freely.

Once you know what the project entails, you can talk to the handyman service and ask if they do certain tasks, such as picking up supplies and hauling away debris. Plus, you'll want to make sure the service is legally allowed to install new flooring since there are some jobs that require a licensed contractor that a handyman can't do.

Consider The Benefits Of Hiring A Handyman

One of the main reasons to hire a handyman is that they are usually less expensive than a contractor. Plus, they can perform a wider variety of tasks around your home. They might also move furniture out of the way and clean up when finished.

Besides that, you might want the handyman to do other chores around your house while they are in your home, such as repair screens, replace a window crank, or do work that requires using a ladder. Having one person do a variety of chores around your home could save money over hiring contractors who are skilled and licensed, but you should note that they are often limited in what they can do.

If you have a hard time keeping up with household projects, such as installing new flooring, call a handyman service and get the help you need. The service understands local and state regulations, so you don't have to worry about violating any codes that require licensed contractors for a project.