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Essential Gear, Tools And Testing Equipment

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Every part of your Bell 505 helicopter should be maintained to increase safety standards and ensure that your helicopter is ready for flight. Consumables, testing equipment, safety gear and mechanical parts are products that can be ordered through a Bell 505 tool supplier.


Consumables are the products that you will need to continuously replace throughout your ownership of a Bell 505. Grease, oil, towelettes, wiper blades and other essentials can be purchased in bulk and stored at the hangar where your helicopter remains when it is not in use. A dealer will provide a full breakdown of consumables and pricing details.

Look at a Bell 505 dealer's website and review the product lineup. Any upgrades that will require the use of consumables may necessitate using tooling equipment. A dealer will provide you with guidance when ordering products that will require a mechanical repair process.

Testing Equipment

Testing equipment can be used to assess the air quality within your helicopter or to ensure that gauges and other critical pieces of equipment are operating properly. Many mobile testing units are available for purchase. These types of equipment won't take up much cabin room and can be utilized when your Bell 505 helicopter is actively in flight.

Some testing equipment may require that you hook up the equipment to your helicopter's dashboard. Consider any mechanical failures that you have endured in the past. Then, shop for products and tools that can aid with keeping a closer eye on the system or mechanical part that previously gave you problems.

Safety Gear And Mechanical Parts

Helicopter safety gear includes vests, flotation devices, first aid equipment and more. This gear should be onboard whenever your helicopter is utilized. If you have a mechanic who is responsible for addressing mechanical failures, you may want to guide them in acquiring replacement parts through an online dealer. If you typically purchase replacement materials or if you perform minor repairs yourself, access to a toolbox, tools and surplus inventory that can be used for critical repairs may aid with getting your helicopter back up and running.

Compare the prices that an authentic Bell 505 distributor features, with prices that you have paid in the past. Because you will be acquiring tools and mechanical parts directly from a manufacturer of helicopters, you may take note that the pricing you are charged is less than what you were previously responsible for paying.