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Why Considering Synthetic Oil For Your Diesel May Be The Right Choice

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Changing the oil in your diesel engine is critical to the engine's performance and will extend the life of the internal parts. Switching to a max duty synthetic diesel oil can take that one step further and could be a significant benefit for your truck.

Oil and Heat

One of the most significant issues with any engine oil is the thermal breakdown. Over time, the engine's heat and the friction from moving parts start to break down the oil in your truck. Standard oil has a much lower heat threshold than most synthetic oils so that it will break down faster. 

Using a max duty synthetic diesel oil in your truck will increase the amount of heat the oil can stand. Many synthetic lubricants are engineered for longer life by adding additional components to the oil. The oil's viscosity will not fall off as fast, so even when you are using your diesel engine to tow heavy loads or putting a lot of miles on it, you don't have to worry about the oil failing you. 

Extended Service Life

Another benefit of using a max duty synthetic diesel oil in your truck is that you do not need to change the oil as often. Even with the added cost of synthetic oil, going longer between oil changes often translates to cost savings. In many cases, the mileage between oil changes can increase to about seven thousand miles instead of the typical three thousand that comes with standard oil. 

Often the oil has additives that can reduce the wear and reduce scuffing of the cylinders as well. Max duty synthetic diesel oil is also available in different weights and viscosities. If you are considering changing from standard to a max duty synthetic diesel oil, check with the dealer to determine what you should use in your truck.  

Oil Filters

When you are ready to consider a max duty synthetic diesel oil, you need to match the oil filter to the type of oil you are using. Oil filters for synthetic oils may have a smaller mesh inside the oil to filter small particles better than standard filters. The synthetic oil does a better job of protecting the engine, so the filter needs to filter smaller particles if it is going to be effective. 

Check with the dealer or the tech that is changing your oil to determine the filter to use on your truck with max duty synthetic diesel oil. The oil brand may recommend a filter for their oil as well.