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New To Using CBD Edible Capsules? Know These 3 Things

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If you want to start taking CBD for your wellness, you'll certainly have questions about what kind of dosage of CBD you should take. It gets very confusing for new users because the FDA doesn't have recommended dosages for CBD and there are many variables that cause different people to have different needs. Here are some things to know when determining what your dosage should be.

Know The Factors That Affect Individuals

Much like any drug, there are factors that will impact how much it affects an individual. Some of the main ones to consider are your weight, the condition you are treating, how severe that condition is, and what your personal body chemistry is like. This means that if you are looking to treat insomnia with CBD as a heavier male, you wouldn't necessarily follow the advice of a smaller female friend that takes CBD for anxiety. 

Know To Start With Small Dosage

There are many charts online with basic guidelines for dosing based on weight, which recommends a starting point of 1 to 2 mg of CBD for 10 lbs of body weight, which is considered a light dose. A heavy dose would be between 5 to 6 mg of CBD for 10 lbs. It's a good idea to start with a light dose, see if that has an impact on your wellness, and then increase to a medium dose if the light dose isn't enough. You should be able to notice a difference between the different dosages and get a good idea about if you want to move up to a higher dose.

Know That CBD Is Non-Toxic

If you are worried about taking too much CBD, know that the drug is non-toxic. If you end up taking too much CBD, there won't be any adverse health effects that could be harmful to you. For example, studies have been done by observing the side effects of taking as much as 20,000 mg of CBD. The result is that nobody was harmed or killed by taking CBD in the quantities typically available in a single bottle, making it very hard to overdose. A single CBD edible capsule is going to be much smaller than that amount — it likely contains closer to 10 mg, 25mg, or 50 mg of CBD. You would need to take an unusually high amount of CBD edible capsules to even approach the amount needed to overdose. 

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