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Four Ideas For Creating Teacher Appreciation Day Gift Bags

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Teachers do a tough job every day, and Teacher Appreciation Day is your way to thank the teachers at your school for all of their hard work. Teacher appreciation bags offer one fun way to thank them. Here are a few ideas for how you can fill these bags to create a wonderful gift the teachers at your school will treasure.

Custom Bottled Water

Bottled water gives teachers a way to stay hydrated throughout the day. Instead of using plain bottled water you might buy at the store, consider having custom labels printed for each teacher, such as from Great Canadian Water Company. Have the teacher's name printed on them as well as the name of your school, and affix the labels to each bottle of water. You might want to add two bottles to a small gift bag, or you can fit more into a larger gift tote or basket. Pair the bottles with a reusable tumbler the teachers can keep at their desks throughout the day. You can take this idea one step further by filling the tumbler with water flavor packets that can be added to each water bottle to create delicious beverages.

Personalized Hand Sanitizer

Schools can often be breeding grounds for germs, so the teachers in your school might appreciate the gift of hand sanitizer. Have custom labels printed for the bottles, and attach them much like you did with the water bottles. Have the teacher's name printed on each bottle, and complete this gift with a bow tied around the lid to the bottle. Pair this gift in the bag with a box of facial tissues to help fight back against cold and flu season.

Gourmet Snacks

Having something to munch on while grading papers can help to make the task a bit more enjoyable. Look for gourmet versions of popular snacks, such as gourmet kettle chips or popcorn, and add a box of high-end chocolates or candies to the bag as well. Be sure to find out if any teachers have food allergies before filling the bags, as you won't want to provide them with something that can make them sick. If you aren't sure about food allergies, consider gift cards to local restaurants or high-end grocery stores instead.

Hand-Written Notes

A note of thanks from each student can be a touching way to finish the appreciation bags. Arrange to have the students write out the notes when they are in another area of the school, such as gym class or lunch, so the teachers don't see the children writing them. Place all of the completed notes in a photo album, and decorate the outside of the album with each teacher's name, classroom number, and picture. If you do this every year, each teacher will have a collection of notes from every class he or she ever taught.

Work with the administration and parent-teacher association at your school to create these appreciation bags, and give each teacher in your district a delightful surprise for Teacher Appreciation Day.