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Four Luxurious Hot Tub Features

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Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing hot tub or you are making a first-time hot tub purchase, you'll want to look for a unit with exciting features that make your tub look and feel luxurious. Here are some features that might just be must-haves for your personal hot tub purchase.

Built-In Towel Storage

Whether it's a pull-out shelf or a built-in cabinet, towel storage is essential for your hot tub. Look for a model that lets you keep a few towels on hand so you can dry off after a long soak. This helps to create a spa-like feel in your home or backyard while giving you a quick way to cover up as you exit the hot tub. You can even find models that come with towel warmers that keep your towels at the perfect temperature for staying warm and dry.

Hot Tub Televisions

Imagine taking a long soak in a hot tub while watching your favorite movie or television show. You can if you opt for a tub with a built-in LCD television. Some hot tubs come with televisions and premium sound systems for the ultimate luxury spa experience. These hot tubs come with floating waterproof remote controls that let you easily change channels without worrying about damaging the remote.

Cascading Waterfalls

To create an elegant look for your hot tub, choose a model that offers waterfall features. The gentle sound of water cascading in your hot tub can make your space look and sound more peaceful while adding a touch of class to your personal spa area. Some models come with LED color-changing lights that illuminate the waterfalls for a stunning effect. This option is perfect for an outdoor hot tub that will be used at night.

Neck and Shoulder Therapy Jets

Of course, the purpose of getting a hot tub is to help you relax and get a full body water therapy experience. Hot tubs with neck and shoulder jets give you the feeling of an intense massage while you lounge in the tub. Hot tubs with this feature typically include headrests that let you lean back as you sit. The pulsating jets are positioned to access your neck and shoulders at different angles to deliver the ideal massage experience.

If you want a hot tub that delivers a luxurious personal spa experience, look for a model that includes these four options. Talk to a spa and hot tub sales person from a company like J Adam & Sons Plumbing to see if there are any other features available that can enhance your hot tub experience even more.