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3 Great Ways To Get More People To Come To Your Trade Show Booth

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For many people who work at trade show booths, it can be difficult to stay awake all day. There will be awful lulls in the action, when it seems like no one has come to your booth for hours. One way to make going to trade shows more interesting, as well as more profitable, is to make sure that as many people come to your booth as possible. It is often not enough to simply have a beautifully designed, minimalist booth that appeals to millennial aesthetics. You need to take the extra steps to draw people in.

1. Be Clear about What You're Going to Give Away

Put out signs around the show room that advertise the free merchandise and other marketing tools you are going to give away. This is the easiest way to attract people to your booth because many people are there just for the free pens. If you're offering something unusual, or something that people really want, they are going to come to your booth in droves. Some ideas include phone chargers, ice scrapers, reusable water bottles, and lip balm. These are all objects that people want and, if they're branded, the objects can also act as free advertising. If you are clear about what you are offering and the limited supply, you will be sure to get more people to come to your booth.

2. Include a Photo Booth

Photo booths are a great way to engage people at the trade show. These work best if you have a memorable mascot or wearable merchandise because any pictures that people take with them can act as advertising. Make sure that any pictures you take are uploaded immediately to Twitter and other social media accounts in order to take advantage of the interest your photo booth brings.

3. Offer WiFi

This works best if you're a tech company. WiFi is often difficult to find at a trade show. Offer localized WiFi, set up charging stations, and make sure that there is space for people to put their laptops down. If you provide these amenities, people are sure to stay and socialize, as well as see what you're trying to sell

By making sure that people are attracted to your trade show booth and stay for an extended period of time, you will be able to reduce any downtime during the trade show and increase the resulting profits for your company. Visit sites like for more information.