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Creating An Awesome Window Sign For Your Business

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Signs are one of the oldest, most reliable forms of advertising. Attracting people from off the streets is best done when you have a very attractive window sign. Much like a blinking light, these get the attention of all those passing by. In order to make a sign that truly stands out, follow some of these tips.

Don't Be Shy

There are too many signs that can't attract the eye of those passing by because they fade into the background. Use bold colors with a lot of contrast to stand out. If you are wanting to use bright colors in your text, make sure that the background is black. If you absolutely have to use a light background, make sure you outline the letters in a dark color to help them stand out. The reverse is also the same--use dark lettering against a light background if you want the words to stand out.

Size Matters

When you only have a few seconds to get someone to read your sign, they have to see the words. Take a font size that looks really big and then make it bigger. Make sure that people driving past can read what it says. If it helps, create different sizes to fit the entire message on the sign. For instance, if you are having a big sale, make the word "sale" a lot bigger than the other words. Don't make the rest too small to read, but make sure the most important words are the biggest.

Stick to the Point

Another thing to consider doing with only a few seconds of attention is to get straight to the point. Use as few words as possible to get your message across, but don't sacrifice clarity. If you own a restaurant and are offering a special Valentine's meal with four courses, just use the most important information. Rather than listing the entire menu on the window sign, list the basics like "Four Course Valentine's Dinner for $49.99" instead. This helps bring people inside to find out more, enticing them to stay.

Choosing the Materials

Plenty of businesses use window paint to make their signs, but this is not a good option. Choose a material that is durable and easier to read. Even a temporary sign deserves to be clearly printed on a vinyl decal. The classier your signs look, the classier your business appears to the public.

The Power of the Sign

Never underestimate the power of the sign. Even though this seems like such a basic part of your business, it is important to bringing in customers.